Kibana Authentification


I'have a problem to authentificating Kibana on Elastic .
After generating a token on Elastic, Kibana is block on "Server is not ready yet"
I have two different IP on each server and they ping each other

Changes in configuration are :

elasticsearch.yml MY CLUSTER NAME : NODE 1
http.port: 9200

Kibana.yml :

elasticsearch.hosts: ["httpS://IP_ADRESS_ELASTIC_SERVER:9200"]

Have you seen any errors?
Do you have an idea ?

I specify that the xpack security is "TRUE" on elastic.
If I set it to "FALSE", Kibana works..



It happened to me and I don't know if it's your case. But I entered the wrong path where the kibana-server certificate was located.

What do your Kibana logs show?

Do I need to do a kibana certificate?
I haven't configured any
I left the default configuration on Elastic and Kibana (look at the top)

It is necessary to use "https" instead of "http". It adds an extra layer of security.

Yes , but I use the default config , what I have to do ?
What parameters I have to change ?

If I want to use enrollement-token , I have to do this :

When I read the installation topics, it's not very clear for me :

Someone can answer me ?
Is it necessary to use "Set up basic security " for use enrollement-token ?

UP UP ! :grin:

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