Kibana autocomplete inside bool

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The autocomplete in DevTools is great because, as a beginner, it suggests what you might mean and what's legal at the current stage of building your query.

For example. I type "q and it suggests "query", then I type "co and I get "constant_score".

However, once I get inside the "bool", it seems to stop suggesting - making it difficult to know (as a beginner) what my feasible options are.

For example, I've built this query:

GET my_store/products/_search { "query": { "constant_score": { "filter": { "bool": { "must" : [ { "term" : { "productType" : "cooker"} }, { "range" : { "price" : { "gte" : 10, "lte" : 20 } } } ] } } } } }

So I see two possibilities here:

  1. My query is syntactically / structurally correct and Kibana could be improved.
  2. My query is syntactically / structurally incorrect and Kibana is behaving correctly.

If it's 1, I'm happy to raise an enhancement request. If it's 2, how could my query be improved?

(Felix Stürmer) #2

Hi @agardnerIT,

you seem to have indeed found a bug in the autocompletion there. It would be much appreciated if you could open a new issue on GitHub.

As for improving the query, it depends on your use-case. If the constant_score query does indeed not contain a value for boost, you could leave it out and just run the bool query directly. The query seems to be syntactically correct in any case.

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