Kibana cannot authenticate with Elasticsearch, stuck in "Kibana server is not ready yet" phase

Quick rundown of what led to my current issue: Index filled EC2 completely, manually deleted nodes, no longer able to start Elasticsearch

After wiping the node (i.e Deleting everything inside the /var/lib/elasticsearch folder), Kibana could no longer start as it gives me this error when running sudo systemctl status kibana: [security_exception] failed to authenticate user [kibana] and "license information could not be obtained from Elasticsearch for the data cluster"

I just did a fresh reinstall of Kibana via dpkg -i kibana..._.deb and the issue still persists. I suspect that it has to do with the elastic install holding onto some authentication info from the (now deleted) .kibana index that no longer exists? Perhaps the keystore is out of date in /etc/elasticsearch?

You need to set up again your built-in users passwords with the elasticsearch-setup-passwords command. The command will ask for the passwords for all the built-in users elastic, kibana_system, etc

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Perfect! I forgot the passwords so I followed this guide to reset it: I lost the password that has been changed - #2 by TimV

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