Not able to login to Kibana

I restored my elasticsearch and Kibana instance on AWS instance. I had to create all indices and users again. I updated kibana.yml with new user credential to connect to elasticsearch. Yet none of the built in users or new users can login to kibana.
Kindly help

On your Elasticsearch side, you should be able to check bin/elasticsearch-users. You'll want to make sure your attempting built-in user is there.

Else, if file-based auth, verify list of acceptable username/password.

Final method, when logging in via not either above method, Kibana auths against the ".security_7" index which if you had to recreate (per "had to created all indices ... again") may not have the users you're attempting to authenticate.

Lastly, just sanity checking for exhaustiveness, if you've setup an iDP authentication realm, maybe you didn't restore those config files.

Hope this helps ballpark troubleshooting!

What exactly does this mean?
It sounds like that "restore" process had an affect on the data stored in your Elasticsearch cluster, but it's hard to give a more useful answer without know what sort of "restore" we're talking about.

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