Kibana can't open binary file

Hello, I've just installed Kibana in a Centron, but when I start kibana I get this:

It says that kibana can't open binary file.
Kibana has right to access (already chmod)
I checked forums and it says it's a problem of 32 bits OS, but mine is 64 bits.

What could be the problem then?


Proof it is a 64 bits:

And I did this to install kibana:

curl -O

tar -xzf kibana-6.2.1-darwin-x86_64.tar.gzµ

I also did a reinstallation of kibana in case of, still have the same problem

What is a Centron? Is that the operating system? Kibana bundles nodeJs for certain platforms. Maybe yours isn't supported?

Can you find your node executable in your Kibana install and try --version with it?

I'm on Windows and using a git-bach shell and I get this;

If node doesn't work, then Kibana won't work on this platform.


Sorry I meant CentOs, Centreon is the server's brand lol..

I did try "-- version" but still have the same error. The funny thing is, I successfully installed kibana in the CentOs test server which has also the same installation than the server I'm working now.

I'm running out of ideas..

I'll try to install node.js as you mentionned maybe it'll work
Well it didnt work

Ok so, I re installed again kibana but this time using this:
and it works!

Sorry I didn't notice before that you had used the darwin download which is for Mac OS. Glad you got it working!

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