Not able to open Kibana in browser

(Khushboo Singh) #1

When I hit the command bin/kibana
I get the below error...


And then when I'm trying to open Kibana through 5601, it says can't connect to the server.

(Tyler Smalley) #2

It appears you are using the Linux build. Can you confirm you are using Linux?

(Khushboo Singh) #3

I'm using CentOS

(Tyler Smalley) #4

Does /home/training/Desktop/Elasticsearch/Kibana/kibana-6.1.1-linux-x86_64/node/bin/node exist?

(Khushboo Singh) #5

yes it exists ... :expressionless:

(Tyler Smalley) #6

What is the output of uname -a?

(Khushboo Singh) #7


(Tyler Smalley) #8

Ah, ok - looks like you're running CentOS 32bit. We only ship 64 bit builds.

(Khushboo Singh) #9

Hi Tyler,

Thanks for your help... I installed centos 64-bit and now Kibana is working

(system) #10

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