Problem accessing Kibana through the browser

I have a centOS server on which I installed wazuh, elasticsearch and kibana.
I want to access the previous services through a windows operating system but when I try to enter the server through port 5601 there is no access.

When I enter the command: curl http://localhost:5601 I get as an answer: Kibana server is not ready yet.

hi @abuit01.

still facing same issue or resolved ?


Hi @rameshkr1994, I'm still with the problem

Hi @abuit01.

please try to change the port no(5601 to 5602) of kibana in kibana.yml .

and restart your kibana server and open with IP:5602 port in web browser .


You mention running kibana on centOS and using a browser on Windows. What is the address of the server from the windows machine? localhost refers to the machine you're currently on, in this case the windows machine.

No, when I talk about localhost I mean the centOS machine. I have modified settings in kibana.yml and now, when I try to enter kibana with the server address in centOS through port 5601, in the browser (windows) I get the answer: "Kibana server is not ready yet"

Do you see any errors in the kibana logs?

This is the file kibana.stderr
How do I solve it?

Port 5601 is already in use. You need to determine what is using the port. This might help -

Hi, i got this
Could you help me solve it?

Its possible that another copy of kibana is already running. Do you know how you're starting kibana? Are you using systemctl or similar?

I use systemctl

This explains how to start and stop kibana using systemctl. Might be worthwhile just to start and stop it and see if the error is still there -

I stopped kibana to start it again and got the same error.
In the kibana.stdout file I get this

Stop it and check to see what is using 5601 again. Either its another process we haven't identified ot systemctl might be trying to start two instances of kibana.

When I stopped it, port 5601 is not used
How do we do so that systemctl does not try to start two instances of kibana?
That must be the mistake

What do you see when you just run systemctl?


run just systemctl, not the longer command.