Kibana canvas access permission with on per page basis


if a have a privileged user1 and other unprivileged user2, is there a way that I can control that user 1 can read any page in a canvas (the whole canvas) but user2 can read some pages in the same canvas, provided that all data for said canvas is stored in the same index pattern?

I know that I can filter what a user can read within its role on a index basis but maybe I need a little more granularity.


AFAIK, this is not supported in Canvas.
If your canvas is made of saved objects, you might use this to filter out saved objects.
As to my understanding, this will remove the objects from the slide, but not remove them entirely.
I did not try it though. This is just my theory :slight_smile:

The simple solution is to create different Canvas workpads.

Good luck!


@AClerk ok, I see, I will try another aproach then, thanks for your answer.

from your suggestion I was able to solve my use case with different Spaces and Saved Objects, thanks!


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