Kibana canvas auto refresh dont' work and sets automaticcaly to manual

Hello All,

I'm trying to embedd the kibana canvas in my custom webui as LIVE ALERTS for admins.
The auto refresh interval dosen't seems to work correctly or has some bugs, not sure.

Everytime I'm setting auto refresh interval to 3s, it automatically sets down to manual after I revist/ open the canvas in new tab.Meanwhile When I'm adding this url to custom webui, the values should autoupdate , this dosen't happen.

Could anyone suggest something on this?

The intention is that users can see live updates of associated data and alerts in canvas dashboards integrated in WEBUI.This don't work.

URL used:


Any suggestion or recommendations would be helpful: kibana 8.8.2


I worry that 3 seconds is not enough time to query and render the results. Have you tried with a longer interval (like 10 seconds)?

Have you watched the Network tab of your browser's Developer Tools to confirm that there are no search requests?

How are you embedding the Canvas workpad? Are you using an <iframe>?

Are you using an embeddables in your workpad or just native Canvas elements?

Hi @nickpeihl
I m embedding Canvas WordPad in iframe with interval of 30sec but value is not updating in Angular Web UI
I tried following scenario

Any suggestion or recommendations would be helpful: kibana 8.8.2

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@nickpeihl ,

@Aishwarya_B belongs to same team and implementing canvas integration in angular webui and facing above issue.Kindly guide on this.We are implementing real time alerts dashboards for our usecases which would be mostly metric based using canvas to getter home page alerts for admins as visual using canvas.


Hi everyone. I'm having trouble re-creating the issue. Here's the iframe I'm using. Playground | MDN Notice how there is a pink loading bar every 5 seconds at the top of the frame? That indicates the refresh is working.

Are you seeing this pink loading bar?

Can you add a Markdown element with this expression? It will show the time from the most recent reload. That should update every time the iframe is refreshed. NOTE: You may need to change logs-* to an existing index in your cluster.

| selectFilter
| essql query="SELECT CURRENT_TIME FROM \"logs-*\" LIMIT 1"
| markdown "
{{#each rows}}
| render

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