Kibana Canvas vertical chart - Show x axis and y axis lines

How to show x and y axis lines in vertical chart in canvas? It just shows the values.

Have you tried using Canvas expressions? Behind the scenes, Canvas is driven by a powerful expression language, with dozens of functions and other capabilities, including table transforms, type casting, and sub-expressions. Example of a code snippet using x and yaxis

| demodata
| pointseries x="size(cost)" y="project" color="project"
| plot defaultStyle={seriesStyle bars=0.75 horizontalBars=true}
  xaxis={axisConfig position="top" min=0 max=400 tickSize=100}
  yaxis={axisConfig position="right"}
| render```


Does the above code gives you x axis and y axis lines?I am also using the similar code but there is no option in expression to show lines. As you can see in my image it shows only values of months and not the x axis line. Similarly yaxis also shows just values.

@Catherine_Liu or @poff can you help plz


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