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I have installed Kibana 6.4.3 locally on my machine and connect to an Elastic Search Cloud cluster 6.4.3. Worked with Canvas for a few hours (fun!) and then I restarted the Kibana service and suddenly I got error messages when trying to open http://localhost:5601, please see attached pic. . I have probably messed something up but I´m not able to figure out what it is. Any help is much appreciated!


That's not your fault actually, there's a bug in the latest Canvas release. I'm working on fixing that right now and I'll have a new version online a little later today. Sorry for the trouble. If you disable security in the meantime, it should at least work again. If you rather not do that, you'll have to be a little patient :wink:

Ah, great! Thanks for you reply, I just wait for a while, no problem! :wink:

I spent time trying to fix it, ended up just pulling stuff out and cutting a build from older code. It should work at least. Release 0.1.2225 has been deleted.

0.1.2201 is the new one you want, and the installation instructions have been updated.

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Installed 2201 och it works! But this version seems to drain my Elastic Cloud data node(s) for memory after an hour or so, to the point of forced automatic restart of the node. Stopping my local Kibana and the memory is stable. The Elasic Cloud cluster have no other traffic except for a few indexed documents per day. Could this be an issue related to 2201?

2201 is basically just a respin of 2200 for the newest version of Kibana. Did you see that behavior with 2200?

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