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Anyone know how to clear the search history on Kibana 4? For example, when I go to Discover and start typing into the search box the previous searches show up. I am wondering if there's a way to clear those searches. Thanks in advance for the help!


Cancel that, it cleared itself the next day.

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The Setting "history:limit" is supposed to take care of that for you in a running system, but unfortunately it appears that there is currently a bug with it:

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Every search your execute in Discover, is saved by Kibana. This creates a mess, when the autocomplete starts to kick in. If Kibana is saving these searches, then it should allow them to be removed.

An 'x' on the far right side to delete?

Chrome Version 52.


+1 Definitely
The ridiculous autocomplete has almost rendered search unusable


Experience the same issue.

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As a temporary solution i can suggest to clear cookies from your browser.
Hope this helps.

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