Kibana Client not accessible

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I hosted my ELK instance on VM server based on IIS. Kibana was not accessible for other clients. config is on port 5601

I tried using reverse proxy also but the same error persist.

Error is :

Am using elk version is 6.5.4

on Kibana console am not getting any specific error.
Got error like econnerror

if am using my public ip with port on the same VM browser it is accessible but from client machine am not able to accessible.

Any help would be appreciated.

(Josh Dover) #2

Are you seeing this error in Kibana's logs or on the client?

Can you access Kibana at from the VM browser, where you say it is working (same machine that Kibana is running on)?

If so, this sounds like a network problem, not specific to Kibana. I'm not sure about your environment but you may need to check to make sure you don't have any firewalls or security policies that are limiting inbound traffic to the instance running your Kibana server.

(Parul Garg) #3

Above error am getting on kibana logs and screenshot error am getting on client machine.

According to my network administrator there is not such restriction for the port 5601.

So what do you suggest what I will have to do now.

(Josh Dover) #4

Can you share any more detailed logs from the Kibana server? A stacktrace from the server could be helpful for diagnosing your problems.

Another thing that could be helpful is a screenshot of the dev console (Ctrl + Shift + J on Chrome for Windows) from the client browser that gets this error. There may be a specific file that needs to have its access permissions fixed and errors in the Dev Console may point us in the right direction.

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