Kibana URL not accessible

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I am using 6.4 version for kibana ,elasticsearch and logstash .
installed in three different AWS VM's with OS : ubuntu 16.04

My kibana.yml looks like this:

 #Kibana is served by a back end server. This setting specifies the port to use.
server.port: 5601

# Specifies the address to which the Kibana server will bind. IP addresses and host names are both valid values.
 #The default is 'localhost', which usually means remote machines will not be able to connect.
# To allow connections from remote users, set this parameter to a non-loopback address. "" ""

#Enables you to specify a path to mount Kibana at if you are running behind a proxy.
# Use the `server.rewriteBasePath` setting to tell Kibana if it should remove the basePath
 #from requests it receives, and to prevent a deprecation warning at startup.
# This setting cannot end in a slash.
#server.basePath: ""

# Specifies whether Kibana should rewrite requests that are prefixed with
# `server.basePath` or require that they are rewritten by your reverse proxy.
# This setting was effectively always `false` before Kibana 6.3 and will
# default to `true` starting in Kibana 7.0.
#server.rewriteBasePath: false

# The maximum payload size in bytes for incoming server requests.
#server.maxPayloadBytes: 1048576

# The Kibana server's name.  This is used for display purposes. "your-hostname"

# The URL of the Elasticsearch instance to use for all your queries.
elasticsearch.url: ""

# When this setting's value is true Kibana uses the hostname specified in the
# setting. When the value of this setting is false, Kibana uses the hostname of the host
# that connects to this Kibana instance.
#elasticsearch.preserveHost: true

# Kibana uses an index in Elasticsearch to store saved searches, visualizations and
# dashboards. Kibana creates a new index if the index doesn't already exist.
#kibana.index: ".kibana"

# The default application to load.
#kibana.defaultAppId: "home"

# If your Elasticsearch is protected with basic authentication, these settings provide
# the username and password that the Kibana server uses to perform maintenance on the Kibana
# index at startup. Your Kibana users still need to authenticate with Elasticsearch, which

in kibana logs

 {"type":"log","@timestamp":"2018-09-19T05:42:56Z","tags":["license","warning","xpack"],"pid":1769,"message":"License information from the X-Pack plugin could not be obtained from Elasticsearch for the [data] cluster. Error: Request Timeout after 30000ms"}

 2018-09-19 05:59:51 ERROR Health ping failed with error - NoCredentialProviders: no valid providers in chain. Deprecated.

I am a new bee to ELK please put some light on my topic ,it will be really helpfull

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Are you able to reach your Elasticsearch instance? What was the process you used to install X-Pack?

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I installed elastic search by process mention on the link :
kibana is getting binded to port 5601 with host but with my specific public IP kibana gets started but not binding with IP and i get this error in logs
{ Error: listen EADDRNOTAVAIL

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