Kibana cluster acces via F5 load balancer

I'm new to ELK and I'm doing POC to implement ELK with cluster setup. With the basic cluster configuration of Elasticsearch(2nodes), the Kibana GUI working fine. But via F5 load balance URL it is not working. The login page is keep waiting for long time and throwing serverBase URL issue.

Can someone suggest the required configuration to achieve Kibana access via F5 URL?

F5 configuration:

 http profile ( mapped to myelknode1:5602, myelknode2:5602)
    Load blancing Method: round-robin
    Persistence Type:none


server.basePath: "/kibana"
server.port: 5602
elasticsearch.hosts: "http:// myelknode1:9200","http:// myelknode2:9200"]

Hi @kannan2096,

Welcome to the community! There is sample configuration for load balancing available in the documentation that can help you with getting started.

Do let us know if that helps or brings up more questions or errors!

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