Kibana docker setup

I am running Elasticsearch cluster (2 master, 2 data and 1 voter) as docker containers behind a load balanced setup. F5 URL for that looks like I am also running Kibana container that connects to the elastic cluster. Kibana's F5 URL looks like

I have currently configured my "ELASTICSEARCH_HOSTS" to be '["",""]' and this entire setup works perfectly without any issues.

However I would like to use F5 URL in the "ELASTICSEARCH_HOSTS" instead of specific cluster instance url. The reason is I have 2 datacenters where the entire stack gets deployed. And for each datacenter, I had to manually update the above environment variable with the correct instance url and I am trying to find a solution to avoid it. Is this even possible?

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You should be able to do that, yes.

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It didn’t work with load balancer url. It worked with the hostname of the cluster instance. So I went ahead with that.

@warkolm Here is the latest update. It worked with the load balanced url.

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