Kibana dashboard - how to change the syslog message format

Hello everybody,

a customer is using the Kibana Dashboard and determined that port numbers has a "," (e.g. "29,842") in all syslog messages.

Is it possible to change the format so it is displaying "29842" instead as port number and what must be done to get this?

I am not familiar with the Kibana Dashboard and really thankful for every hint.

Thanka a lot!



Yes, you can use this with the field formatting option in Kibana.
You can see here how to get to the option:
Then you set the format to "Number" and in the Numeral.js pattern you change it to: 00.[000]

Hi Marius,

thanks for the fast reply!

The customer seems not to the necessary permissions to change the format :frowning:

Do you have any idea what he can still try?

Thanks a lot!


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