Kibana Dashboard import failed "this file could not be processed"

When I try to add a json file to kibana>management>saved objects>import I get "this file could not be processed"
I verified the permissions of the file, incase that was throwing any errors, and that shouldn't be causing an issue.
The file is too large to paste in a code block so I have attached a link to the kibana.json file.
Im on Kibana 5.4.2.


iirc, the message this file could not be processed" means the input is not valid JSON.

If JSON parsing fails, that's what you see per the code:

try {
	docs = JSON.parse(fileContents);
} catch (e) {
	notify.error('The file could not be processed.');

I asked your question to our engineer who has more experience in this and he pointed out that there's a comma missing on the second object in the array in that JSON.



@rashmi Thank you and the engineer you partnered with for the laugh and help. That one comma was the source of my headache, and now the .json uploads just fine. Thank you again!

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