Kibana Dashboard with Control & Data Table

I’ve millions of JSON on ES that look like this:

  "overallAverage": {
    "clickAverage": {
      "avg": 4.4460716
    "viewAverage": {
      "avg": 4.8814287
  "day": "2019-07-02",
  "browser": "chrome"

I need to create a Kibana Dashboard that looks like this:

Controls: Browser type (Select ‘All’ or multi-select)

Left Panel: Day, Good click average count (3 & above), Bad click average count (below 3)

Right Panel: Day, Good view average count (3 & above), Bad view average count (below 3)

I tried using Controls & Data table but was unable to tie ‘Controls’ to ‘Data table’. Also not sure how to write a query to do this.

PS: We're using version 7.7.1

Is this sort of what you are wanting?

Here's the configuration for the "Clicks" panel:

(The "Views" panel has almost an identical configuration.)

And here's the configuration for the "Browser" panel:

Hope this helps.

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