Kibana dashboard with varying date range

(Saafia NM) #1

I have to create a dashboard which include:
count of Total Employees for last 30 days and also count of New Employees added today.
I am fetching the data from MySQL database through logstash configuration file using jdbc input.
I got the Total employees for last 30 days and it is in my dashboard. Now i have to show new employees added today which result from Total Employees. That is the dashboard have to include one result for last 30 days and one result for today only. Both should be from one logstash output. While changing Time Picker in kibana both results map for what i am selecting(Today/last 30 days/Yesterday like ...). I have to show one for last 30 days and one for today in default. Is there any way to do it? Please help me to move on....

(Tyler Smalley) #2

It would be pretty easy to display a descending list of employees with their start date.

Create a data table and have a max aggregation on the start date column. Split the rows on a terms aggregation by the employee's name.

Would that work? Or do you need to limit it by the last day. I can do more investigating if needed.

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