Kibana Data Analysis I - Virtual Training - Class Size

Hello Elastic community. I am trying to find some information from anyone who has taken the "Kibana Data Analysis I" virtual training class.

  1. Can you tell me how many people were in your class?

  2. Was it easy/possible to ask questions during the class?

  3. Did you find the class useful?

Thank you,

Has anyone taken any of the Elastic virtual training classes?


  1. In terms of class size it is usually between 6 and 20 students.

  2. In terms os asking questions, you can either type them in the chat or use video to ask your questions. You can also have private chats with the instructors during lab time.

  3. I'm not a student but rather someone who teaches the courses. However, our surveys we ask students to take at the end of the course has generally very high marks and positive comments.

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