Kibana data same as other cluster

(Kenneth Mroz) #1

Im trying to create a simple dev box that has the entire ELK stack on it. (not much data will be sent). I gave it an entirely different name in the ES yaml and I changed the ES host in the Kibana YML. But when i connect to the kibana web page i am getting the data from my Prod cluster. Any suggestions on what the issue is?

I'm using all current versions of the ELK stack.

ES dev box
(Mark Walkom) #2

Can we see your ES config?

(Kenneth Mroz) #3 localhost ... this is all that is in the yml for ES

(Kenneth Mroz) #4

I have the logstash conf files on this box also but they point to different ES hosts.. is this an issue?

(Kenneth Mroz) #5

nevermind, i realized that kibana wasn't restarted after my last change. Sorry for the inconvenience.

(system) #6