Kibana development

The link above describes the installation steps necessary to develop code for kibana.
after I say yarn start does not work.
do you share extension information to run it in a development environment?
for example, C: PATH \ kibana-6.3.0 \ src \ cli> node index, like

changes in the project are not reflected on the screen.

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I have disabled the fields in the code above.
then come to the project and call C: \ path \ kibana-6.3.0 \ src \ cli node index.
the project is running but changes are not reflected on the screen.
In the dashboard, the clone and share buttons are still active.

Hi @mr_searchng,

Do the buttons hide if you stop the Kibana server and start it again "yarn start"?

Do you see any logs for "optmzr" added after you save the get_top_nav_config.js file?


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