I working kibana dev platform

I think heap size problem.

How can I solve ?

which shell config ?

Hi @mr_searchng,

can you post the log output of your server here? It should contain hints on what exactly is going wrong

task manager screenshot

this problem heap size ,how can I solve ?

The problem is most likely not the heap size, otherwise the server would crash completely. You have to set the environment variable "NODE_OPTIONS" in the environment from where you are starting your dev server (running yarn start)

You may be experiencing a heap OOM error, but it's not immediately clear. You should be able to customize the NODE_OPTIONS like this:

NODE_OPTIONS="--max_old_space_size=2048" node script/kibana.js --dev

From your logs, it also appears that Elasticsearch may not be running yet (or the logs you provided are not complete, I'm not sure). Did you start elasticsearch in another shell with yarn es snapshot?


we do this in which folder ?

I wait answer,


You should be able to run that all on the same command from the kibana repository that you cloned. @tylersmalley Is there anything different needed for setting this option on Windows?

It's not apparent to me that you are experiencing an out of memory error, do you have any logs which show this to be the issue?

In the original screenshot, it said there was a 500 error being returned. If you we're getting an OOM, the server would be crashed as Josh mentioned and would not return a 500. What branch are you running from, and do you have any plugins installed. To really help here, we need to see the server logs at the time you are seeing these 500 errors.

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