Kibana - Disable searching on analyzed fields

Is it possible to set Kibana to disable running aggregations on analyzed fields?

We currently use Kibana as an ES front to search our application logs, and is available to many developers in the company. Though otherwise warned of the dangers to cluster stability of doing this, we still find that it is happening.

We set the indices.fielddata.cache.size setting to get around the issue but wonder if there are any other soultions to this issue?

Many thanks,

Not sure about how to stop searching analyzed fields seems contrary to the idea of having them ananalized. Maybe you should just change the Mappings and disable fields that you don't want analyzed

Another idea might be change the analyzer to one that fits the type of searches?

Running searches is fine, its if the field is used with a aggregation, such as Terms that loads all the fields into memory

Nooe, you cannot do this.