Kibana doesn’t recognize keyword fields


I'm using Elastic Cloud Stack Kibana but I found out that the dashboard couldn't recognize the 'keyword' fields type.

The 'exception.ClassName.raw' is keyword type and aggregatable.

However I can't create a visualization based on this field, it's not in the available fields list.

Hi @AscentisKelvinGo Welcome to the community.

First What version are you on? This is important as there were some changes made that could affect this.

Second sometimes fields do not show up, if there are no documents with that field in the time range the Time Picker.

Hi @stephenb

I've just set up the trial in Elastic cloud with version 8.2.2.

I've tried to adjust the date range but am still unable to find the field.

The data is available in the date range.

Thanks! Glad you're on the new version.

Look like your exceptions field is a nested field

Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 7.50.05 AM

Unfortunately Nested fields are not supported in Lens at this time as far as I know.

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