Kibana doesn't sync user sessions across multiple kibana servers

I setup a Elasticsearch cluster with 3 nodes sucessfully. When I start only one kibana instance (one POD in kubernetes) connecting to the elasticsearch cluster, I can log into kibana GUI sucessfully.

But when I start multiple kibana instances (multiple PODs in kubernetes), then I can't log into kibana GUI any more. Each time right after I log into kibana, the page is redirected to the login page again, with the error message "Your session has expired. Please log in again.".

One workaroud approach to fix this issue is to configure sticky session, but I am not sure at the moment whether it works when the load balancer communicate with a kubernetes server, which in turn dispatch each request to the back end kubernetes POD.

What's the best practice to fix this issue in kibana?

I guess its not a problem about kibana

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