Kibana forced session timeout at login on Windows


I have created a 3-node elasticsearch cluster with a F5 load-balanced kibana on two nodes. I see a peculiar behavior, where after I login with a superuser login (file realm) it is redirecting to:


I tried logging in directly to the server FQDN:port and that works as expected without any redirect. I removed persistence and the LB algorithm was set to round-robin, but the problem is still there. :confused:
Do you guys have a suggestion what might be the problem?
Update: It seems to be related to how kibana is affected by elastic search master node change. If I deliberately stop the Elastic Search master node service, I will also need to restart the Kibana service to avoid this redirect loop: login -> redirect session expired -> login. So far I found no other explanation for this behavior.

can you please open it in an incognito and see if this behaviour persists? I've seen this happen if kibana can't connect to elasticsearch, or the session cookie path is wrong. Are you able to connect load Kibana in an incognito window/with cookies cleared? Is elasticsearch being brought up after Kibana?

which version are you using ?


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