Kibana down during Nessus scanning

We recently implemented Nessus vulnerability scanning on top of Kibana ports [80, 8080] and found Kibana going down during scanning automatically. Looks like Nessus performing Soap API checks on 8080 port and if Kibana runs with Soap API then there might be a chance that Kibana can go down.

My question is whether kibana uses soap APIs in-built? If so, any recommendations to tackle this. I am using Kibana3.

Hi, Kibana doesn't use SOAP or XML transmission of data at all. Kibana server is NodeJS and speaks JSON.

My suggestion would be to make sure the scanner is making direct TCP connections to Kibana, rather than a load balancer or proxy.

Sorry, just another note. By default, Kibana listens on port 5601 on the localhost interface.

Unless server settings were changed in Kibana, there will be no regard to port 80 or 8080. That looks to me more like what a reverse proxy listens on.

Yes, we set it explicitly to 8080.

Thanks @tsullivan.

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