Kibana Drill-Down not working as expected

Hi all, I have been playing around with making drill-downs however when I change the format for a field within my index to a URL, it directs me to the appropriate visualization but the query does not actually take place.

For example:

When I click "Male", it directs me to the following dashboard (which is the correct visualization but the query does not execute):

Realize that it populates the query input appropriately, however the graph is wrong because the query does not take effect (even if I click "Refresh").

But when I open up the same visualization and type out the same query manually and press "Refresh", I get the results I want:

My question is, why does my URL not automatically execute the query? Is there something i'm missing?

Hi @Paul_Gege, I assume you are using 7.6, right?

I've tested in 7.5.2, 7.6.2, and upcoming 7.7 and this only happens in 7.6.2 so I created an issue in the Kibana github repo.

This is not specific to the URL template, you don't need to have that to test the problem, just copy the URL of the visualization with a query and reopen in a new tab and the query is not executed :disappointed:.

Sorry for the inconvenience, please track the issue to get more details.

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