Kibana error with ES 5.5

I am receiving this error when launching Kibana. It worked fine with ES 2.3 but now that I have brought up a new cluster on version 5.5 Kibana continues to throw this error.

log [12:02:23.869] [info][status][plugin:elasticsearch] Status changed from red to green - Kibana index ready
log [12:02:23.978] [error][status][plugin:elasticsearch] Status changed from green to red - [illegal_argument_exception] [field_sort] unknown field [ignore_unmapped], parser not found

Any ideas on how to fix this? I cannot get to the dashboard or to my sense plugin with this error.

When you mention the Sense plugin. Are you referring to our security plugin? If so, it's now part of X-Pack and you should use it instead as it's only compatible with Kibana 4.x.

What other plugins do you have installed?

sorry. It looks like there is kibana I can access from aws thats works great. No need to install locally. :slight_smile:

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