Errors running v5.5.2 Kibana (version of ES)


I was using v2.2 of Kibana and wanted to upgrade.
So I upgrade Elasticsearch and Kibana from deb repository.

Elasticsearch is runnning on a machine as a nonsudo user (user elasticsearch).
Kibana is running on a second machine as nonsudo or sudo user (not solving the issue)

At the beggining, Kibana was not recognizing the version of Elasticsearch.
Error was :
This version of Kibana requires Elasticsearch ^2.2.0 on all nodes. I found the following incompatible nodes in your cluster Elasticsearch v5.2.2 @undefined
So that was weird. I looked up on Internet and found nothing, so I decided to change the code and put the default value to 5.2.2. So far so good.

At the next step, Kibana get an error : Unable to create Kibana index ".kibana" (which is defined in my Kibana.yml file)
So, not finding so much stuff neither, I found the code which was supposed to create the index, get the structure and create manually the index in Elasticsearch.
That was ok and Kibana recongnize the index, but getting a new error :
" [illegal_argument_exception] [field_sort] unknown field [ignore_unmapped], parser not found"

So here, I'm stuck.
I guess all the issues are coming from the issue at the beginning. I was not suppose to modify the code. But I didn't find where the problem was coming from.
I'm using Elasticsearch 5.2.2 (and the call back of localhost:9200 is ok, saying the right version) and Kibana 5.2.2 behind an Apache reverse proxy. My is defined as /app/kibana/
And before installing the new version of ES, I deleted everything from the older one to make a new clean install just to be sure it was not some old files staying in the server.

Please ask me if you need more information.

Thanks for your help,

I would try to do a totally fresh install of Kibana. It looks like the original upgrade from 2.2.0 to 5.2.2 wasn't successful.

Also delete the .kibana index you created manually before starting up the fresh Kibana install.


I have clean the machine and made a clean new install of Kibana and it went ok.
I have notice that the files were not at the same place than before so... May be that was the issue, put don't really know where it was coming from

Thank you for your help

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