Kibana for weather station

Hi there,

I am in the middle of building weather station based on Raspberry Pi and couple of sensors.
I succesfully sent logs from RPi to logstash and logstash resend them to elasticsearch.
First of all I am configuring temperature and humidity. I send them to elasticsearch as float type:

%{NUMBER:temperature:float} %{NUMBER:humidity:float}

Both are visible in Kibana as numeric filed

The thing is I would like to display temperature, humidity and other weather parameters as gauge:

First problem is: this avarage from temperature. Is it possible to display last temperature field from message? Not avarage from timeframe but last value from temperature field from latest message received?

Second problem: why I cannot set -25? :slight_smile: Temperature can be below 0*C :wink:

Could you help me with solving my problems?
Appreciate your help!


Displaying the latest value in the bucket is a bit non-intuitive, but it can be done like this:

Metric Aggregation: Top Hit
Field: temperature
Aggregate with: concatenate
Size: 1
Sort on: @timestamp
Order: Descending

As for allowing negative values in the Goal/Gauge visualizations I am surprised that it isn't allowed. You should add an enhancement request here:
I will follow up on it as well, as it seems like a low hanging fruit and it should be a quick fix.

Also, very cool project, Kudos!

Another thing that you could do for the last value is to have logstash write to 2 indices.

One of those indices is the time-based index you are currently using which has values and a timestamp and each new doc is inserted into the index.

The other one would be a non-time-based index and it would only hold 1 doc that has the current temp and humidity and logstash would just do an update on that single doc.

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What if I do not have concatenate? :frowning:

My Kibana is 5.6.5
Build 15592, Commit SHA 80f98787

As long as you don't have multiple documents with the same value for the timestamp, you should be fine with any of those in the list.

What if it does not show anything? :frowning: What am I doing wrong?
It looks the same even if I change avarage to max, min, sum.

Eventually did it!

Had to create and save search first.
Search finds messages with temperature only.

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Fair enough. I didn't know how your documents look like. I've added an issue for negative numbers support here: and also made the developer of this viz aware of this issue.

If someone is interested how outdoor unit looks like I present you the prototype:

I have all stuff to put it into professional case and build case for DHT22.

Kibana still does not allow negative values in visualization configuration but it displays negative values:


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