IoT device data in kibana

I want to display the sensor data in kibana visualisation. The data is in JSON format and visible in kibana discover page.
How can I show the json readings in kibana? Any one implemented any basic sensor example ( temperature monitoring etc) using ES and Kibana?

Definitely a great use case. Each document would have a timestamp and a temperature reading, and then you would do a date histogram aggregation and a metric average on temp. My setup looks like:

If you are storing metrics you should also have a look at the relatively new time-series visual builder.

Can we use the ElasticSearch for IoT for controlling sensors(on/off bulb) remotely? How can I send data bytes to sensors from server to sensors?

You can probably develop an applications that does that based on data in Elasticsearch, but it is not something that Elasticsearch does out of the box.

Yep, what Christian said. You'll have to add the glue outside of elasticsearch. I wrote a small application to poll my sensors every 5 second, but using logstash is also an option. would probably work just as well.

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