Kibana Geo_json Map

Unfortunately, I can not import a JSON file to kibana map
Could you please help me what should I do for this issue:

I have downloaded many many JSON file... but every time I faced with this message :frowning:

even this format:


Hi @Farid_N,

The Elastic Maps GeoJSON upload only supports that format, the link you shared is not following the GeoJSON specification.

You need to check if your data source offers a geojson format option or work with that output to adapt it to the GeoJSON spec.

Thank you so much for replying...
Could you please bring a sample map for me? as a JASON file just for instance...

I can not find any kind of supported format for Kibana
For example, the world JSON file... Can you offer me a repo or somewhere else?

Sure, you can find GeoJSON files from:

Hope it helps!

That is great...
Thank you thank you so much

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