Kibana got updated automatically from v6.3.2 to v6.5.4 that's creating error while starting the Kibana service

Hi All

I have an ubuntu instance where I have installed Elastic Stack. When I installed that stack it was v6.3.2. After few days, Kibana version got updated to v6.5.4 automatically. Now, I am not able to access Kibana URL. Can I stop this from being upgraded?

Thanks in advance.

Is there something special about your original install? Neither Kibana nor Elasticsearch have any automated upgrade/downgrade orchestration functionality.

Its not about the functionality but the choice whether i want that upgrade or not. Is there any way to stop that upgrade because i installed Elastic stack on three instances with v6.3.2 and all got upgraded.

Hi, that's what I mean. No parts of the stack upgrades themselves automatically. It is a manual process. How did you install the stack? What kind of environment are you instances in?

I already have an ubuntu instance in AWS cloud where i installed the Elastic Stack v6.3.2. After that i use image of that instance if i need another setup. Intially it works fine but after a few days, it is getting upgraded to v6.5.4. I used the linked mentioned below:

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