Kibana Graph URL to gquery template

Hi, May i know how to convert the kibana graph URL to gquery template in drill down, Thanks Prem

Sorry, Kibana doesn't offer a feature of converting it's visualizations into formats that other systems can use.

When you have an application that needs access to data from Elasticsearch, whether it's for visualizations or alerting or whatever, the best way to approach it is to query Elasticsearch directly. That has a lot to do with how the Kibana visualization library was implemented: it is only useful for Kibana.

Thanks for the reply,
Actually its not for the other application, if you can please see the below video link at time 22:45, he is copying the visualisation URL in kibana and pasting in KIbana Graph drill down and a popup coming to convert to gquery template, thats the one i am looking for, i am using 6.5 version, that option is not coming up.


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