Kibana - How to customize split Chart

I choose the Line Chart and use split chart function as following:

I have four items and each item has its value scale as the y-axis. For example, the value of item_1 is between 4~10, however, item_2 is between 40~80.

When I use the split chart, the y-axis on all of these charts are locked between 20~60 liked the following:

Q1. Is there any way to set the upper and lower bound of the y-axis for each subplot chart individually?

Q2. Each subplot chart seems that size too small. Can I set the width, height on the split chart function? Or maybe some ways that can make the chart not so close.

Q3. I also used the split series functions and each subplot has three lines.

Can the kibana support us to assign the color we want for each line?

Q4. My y-axis setting screenshot liked the following:

I choose Average on my field: Value, However, each y-axis on the subplot has the redundant word:

How can I eliminate these words?


There is a function called Threshold Line on Panel settings

When I use the function, for example, When I set the threshold value as 20, it will add a horizontal line at 20 (y-axis) on each subplot.

However, I want to set the threshold line for each subplot chart individually. Is there any way can meet my requirements?

We don't currently have support for customizing these features for each series / split chart. I believe the most practical option would be to create each of these charts individually with the settings appropriate for each split chart.

Hi joshdover,
each data format I insert to es liked the following:

ITEM: A , Value:4, @timestamp:Jan 11, 2020
ITEM: B , Value:5, @timestamp:Jan 11, 2020
ITEM: C , Value:6, @timestamp:Jan 11, 2020

As you said create each chart individually, How can I plot each chart of ITEM A,B,C in my data format with kibana visualize?

For example, I want to plot Value (y-axis) of Item A with @timestamp (x-axis), but kibana setting only support us to set the field ITEM.

Or should I change my data format like the following:

A: 4, B:null, C: null, @timestamp:Jan 11, 2020
A: null, B:null, 5: null, @timestamp:Jan 11, 2020
A: null, B:null, C: 6, @timestamp:Jan 11, 2020

I don't want to do this since I have lots of these ITEM (eg. A, B, C.... ).

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