Kibana Import JSON : File structure cannot be determined

Hi ,

I want to import this index-pattern :
Kibana index-pattern

When I import it , I have this error :

I tried to override Timestamp with this option but it doesn't work :

I tried to make timestamp_format to null but it's doesn't work :
Github solution

I read many discussion forum on this theme , lot of on .CSV file but no one on JSON .

I have you got any idea :slight_smile:

Does I need to convert JSON file to NDJSON ?


The JSON File (index pattern) is made in 2019, does I have to change something ?

Hey @Julien069 ,

I would start checking compatibility, as you might not be to able to import pretty old saved objects to the current Kibana instance. If you scroll down, you can also find curl examples.

Regarding the format and possible changes, here is an example of saved objects format we are currently use in our tests. Hope it helps.

Best, Dima

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