Kibana Instance Connections

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~This might be related to Elasticsearch discussion forum also.
I'm encountering some performance issues with my EK.
I have ES and Kibana 6.2.3 installed both on the same physical machine (250RAM, 88 Cores). This is not production and basically, I'm the only one who uses it. I did ingest data.
Of course, jvm is configured as recommended. The EK does bearly utilize the machine's resources.

I noticed few things that might be related:

  1. Kibana single instance has more than 100K connections. please confirm this is normal (On Kibana restart - the connections reset back to 0 and then constantly growing).

  2. I have 571 unassigned_shards - all because of UNASSIGNED CLUSTER_RECOVERED.

  3. Elasticsearch cluster status is yellow - Allocate missing replica shards (Could this effect the performance?).

Should I separate ES and Kibana to run on different VMs? Is it the unassigned_shards?

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Nope. You only have 1 node so you cannot allocate the replicas. You could setup multiple nodes on a box that size, use docker for eg.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the quick reply. Do you have more information regarding the other points I mentioned? (bullets 1/2)

2 is probably related to 3. I don't know about 1 sorry.

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