Kibana is Unable to Get Index Pattern

(Steve) #1

When I upgrade from 6.7 to 7, I am unable to create index pattern in Kibana.

Reference Video:

In the world of 6.7, everything is working fine and I can create any index patterns in Kibana.

I tried to delete .kibana and let Kibana to create a new one, but the problem still exists.

I confirmed the creation of index pattern should be correct because I can query the index in .kibana index. The root cause would be unable to get index pattern by Kibana.

Can anyone help to troubleshoot this issue? Thanks.

(Steve) #2

The problem is resolved when I changed value of "kibana.index".

New Kibana index is created and it is work properly again.

(kulkarni) #3

Glad that you found the solution yourself . Thanks for posting the answer.