Kibana issue (6.8.1)

Problem with kibana.. in both “stacked” and normal modes it appear as “stacked”:
In my configuration line with 6% should be before 87% :blush:
Please advise :slight_smile:

Hi @moti.mor. Sorry to hear that. This is a known bug that affects line and bar charts.

thanks for you comment, @nickpeihl any ETA for bug fix?

Hi @moti.mor. I did some more digging and it looks like this was fixed in 6.7.

hello @nickpeihl i'm working with 6.8.1 (open source ver. the latest) and the bug is exists in this version. any hotfix that i can apply or workaround in order to solve this? this is really urgent for our company. thanks.

Hi @moti.mor. Sorry I did not see that you were already using 6.8.1. Can you please share your problems and need for the bug fix in this issue?

That's the best way for us to prioritize fixing the bug.

@nickpeihl do you have any idea if the issue solved on 6.8.2 that was released today?
BTW, what is the different between version 6.x to 7.x?
7 is not free?

No, the bug fix has not been implemented yet, so your issue is likely still occuring in 6.8.2.

7.x still has open source and default distributions. The Basic license on the Default distribution at 7.x is still free (no cost).

These are the big changes for 7.0. But you could also upgrade to 7.2 (the latest release).

it's possible to upgrade from 6.8.1 to 7.x?
do you have any official guide?

Yup. We have an official guide for upgrading right here!

@nickpeihl thanks. the issue solved on 7.2?
BTW if i'm upgrading to 7.2 it's possible to do it via yum update? should i need to configure any repo?

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