Bugs in Kibana FullScreen (6.0.0beta1)

I have encountered a few bugs in a beta setup (Elasticsearch + Kibana 6.0.0-beta1):

1- When working in full screen (1080p resolution, Latest Safari, MacOSX) the "back to Kibana" bar disappears sometimes:
Back to Kibana DIsappeared

2 - On that same dashboard, here is the state on which I started working:

3 - Then I set filters(by clicking on the Gauge and everything works fine:

But, when I turn the filter off, only the Timelion and Map visualizations are responding and the rest of the visualizations are stuck in the filtered state:

Am I missing anything, or are those bugs?

Hi Arthur,

1 is a bug and is getting fixed in the next release https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/13297#event-1195377307
I will see what's up with the second scenario.


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Great, thanks!
I will wait for an update on the second issue as well.

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