Kibana jwt authentication

is open distro a free open-source software for kibana jwt authentication? if yes, how can we achieve jwt authentication using it? . is there any other plugin that is free open source for jwt authentication of kibana?

We do not support opendistro here, as it's a fork that aws own, you will need to ask on their forums.

is there a way achieve jwt authentication using x-pack?

Something like Token-based authentication services | Elasticsearch Guide [7.14] | Elastic?

yes , I don't want to enter userid and pswrd each time of accessing kibana, and also wants user restricted permission

@warkolm - Thanks for your response. We would like to enable security with Elasticsearch for authentication and authorisation purpose. Can you suggest any opensource plugins that we can use to enable this.

@warkolm please help with the above query

I don't know of anything, no.

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