Kibana-keystore password view option in Elastic 7.13.1

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I have created the "kibana-keystore" file and stored the Elasticsearch username and Elasticsearch password in it .
Could anyone please explain the process to view the stored password from the keystore .

Thanks in Advance !!

Hi @tsahoo43 you can never view them again they can only be added, listed, or removed. See Here

Add string settings

Sensitive string settings, like authentication credentials for Elasticsearch can be added using the add command:

bin/kibana-keystore add

Once added to the keystore, these setting will be automatically applied to this instance of Kibana when started. For example if you do

bin/kibana-keystore add elasticsearch.username

you will be prompted to provide the value for elasticsearch.username. (Your input will show as asterisks.)

The tool will prompt for the value of the setting. To pass the value through stdin, use the --stdin flag:

cat /file/containing/setting/value | bin/kibana-keystore add --stdin

Secure settings | Kibana Guide [7.15] | Elastic is the page that reference comes from - Secure settings | Kibana Guide [7.15] | Elastic

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