Kibana kql suggestions not working

Do I need to configure anything to make kibana kql filtering suggestions working?

What version of the stack are you using?
What are you doing when you are applying them?
What is the outcome of this?
What are you expecting that isn't happening?

kibana.yml only contains basic credentials and urls nothing more
this gives no kql hint/suggestions as in Kibana Query Language | Kibana Guide [7.10] | Elastic
The kql suggestions as in the illustration.

Which illustration do you mean?

In the link, it should have hint when you type anything.

What I mean is that for this sentence: KQL is able to suggest field names, values, and operators as you type.

This is wrong, not working for my case.

Anyone has any thought here????

It might be useful if you show us a screenshot of what you are seeing.

nothing is hinted or suggested (even typing single a)

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