Kibana left pan menu - 7.8

in kibana 7.8 menu which was on left pan has change and they have put it under separate category.
kibana - observability - management
then once you click on it it will expand that further.

don't like a bit at all. as I generally go to dev-management quite a often and it was very easy in old version.

no it is so irritating that I have to expand this and find it all the way on bottom. is there a way I can put small icon back (on left pan) ?



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Anyone having same issue?

If anyone come across solution on how to do this please let me know


I've opened for tracking this, also you can currently switch to the previous navigation style via the pageNavigation advanced setting:


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Perefect. this suits us best because as admin I constantly go to index management/dev tool, viz and dashbaord stuff. and it is easy to click once all in one line

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Sorry, new to github. got it.

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