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I've just upgraded to Kibana 6.5 and was excited to see the K7 UI design as an option, so I tried it out.

It's a very sleek and pretty, so that's great. However I'm afraid that this is going to be a step backwards for UX. Not sure where the best place is to give feedback?


Much of my workflow involves switching between the Dashboard, Visualise and Discover tabs. Now everything that used to take one click now takes two clicks. For example to switch between Dashboard, Visualise and Discover now requires a click to open up the menu and then another click to navigate to the tab I want.

If this change must go ahead then can we have an advanced option to keep the sidebar? This seems like the search for a sleeker design by compromising on functionality.


Just found https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/25736 which seems to be looking at this issue

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Here is great! I will point a few people to the topic :slight_smile:

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please also feel free to leave a comment on the linked issue describing your use-case and worries.


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Hi @jong99, thank you for the feedback! We're actually rethinking this design as well. At the moment, we're thinking we'd like to revert back to the side bar and include the ability to "pin" navigation items. Pinning likely won't be part of the initial implementation but would be planned for future releases.

It seems you've already found the issue for this. If you don't mind, we'd love your feedback! Feel free to post any thoughts in that issue.

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Will the be a dark mode??

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