Kibana 7 Discover UI is *very* cluttered compared to 6 and 5

We've been using Kibana 7 now for a while, however after trying to get used to it I'm afraid that I'm still finding the new Kibana 7 UI very cluttered and clunky. Compare the Discover UI below from previous versions:

Kibana 5:

Kibana 6:

Kibana 7:

There's just a lot more things here to have to look at in v7 - things to click and to have to read and to be understood. What used to be 4 lines is now 6 lines - introducing more clutter and providing no more functionality at all.

Having "hits" on a separate line seems a bit excessive, and I still feel the "New | Save | Open"... links belong on the top bar.

Maybe I'm the exception here but I find this confusing. Just some feedback!


Thanks for the feedback! We're always working to build on and improve Kibana. If new features aren't useful for you, I can understand why they might clutter your view. This feedback is important and may help us consider options like toggling or reducing the impact of new features.

Your best option for shaping the future of Kibana, is to review our issues on github, add comments on issues you support, or create a new issue if you'd like. You can do this here. I hope to see your feedback on github!


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