Reverting to the 6.X interface (I need my efficient workflows back)

I've had it with the new interface -- all of the things I used to be able to do with a single click (toggle a filter, search the previous/next period) are now hidden in menus that require clicks and pushes, completely breaking my train of thought when I'm doing data-mining/diagnosis).

Is there some way to get these things restored to the previous "a single click does what I want" state?

There is no way to revert the UI to in later version to Kibana 6.x interface.

OK -- how do I go about making a feature request to "return simple one-click functionality to UI"? I just stumbled on another thing where it used to be a one-click operation but now it's "open menu, click something, THEN look somewhere else and click 'UPDATE'". And you have to specify time ranges with MILLISECOND PRECISION?!?

This dumbing down of the UI has made it incredibly unuseful for power users. I expect better from you folks.

Can I just ask my devops folks to revert to the 6.X interface or is the upgrade a one-way trip?

Upgrades are one way.

You can create issues at Be sure to provide a good explanation of your use case, how you want the functionality to work and how the provided functionality is limiting your use of the product.

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